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Your Needs

Committed to Your Needs

Your Essentials

Our industry often hears customers say "...but the agent didn't listen to me!" 

While this may be true of some agents, we are trained to listen - not to talk. However, knowing your requirements early will always help us help you with efficiency and clarity. Sometimes your circumstances and priorities may change. Often, we will check with you to ensure we are on the same page. 

It is important that we know the most important features you want in a property and will not compromise on. These may include: 

- Suburb/s 
- Price range 
- Number of bedrooms 
- Style of home
- Proximity to childcare/school facilities 
- Garden size 
- Accessibility/garages
- Special requirements (eg. no stairs) 

These requirements are unique to each buyer. Additionally, give some thought to the features you would not like in a property. 

Your Wish List

Aspects that help us find your dream property include: 

- A separate office/study
- Natural lighting aspects
- Optimum security
- Garaging or mooring for a boat 
- Low maintenance grounds